The Wardroom Mastermind



Being an entrepreneur or leader in any business can be a lonely and isolated place. Many see the perks, but few understand the demands, responsibilities, and stress. The Wardroom Mastermind gives you the perfect place to connect with colleagues and mentors in a safe, relaxed, and nurturing environment. Cooperation replaces competition. We all are in the same ship. All want to grow their business. We also want to grow personally and professionally to maximize our positive impact on our world.  




Members come from diverse geographies, occupations, and points in their careers. Each person brings a fresh viewpoint, resources, ideas, and powerful network. In nature, there must be cross-pollination to bear fruit. The same is true in life. If you want your business and life to bear more fruit you must cross-pollinate with new people and ideas. You will get this in the Wardroom Mastermind.



Your friends, family, and employees want you to be happy. The people in your Mastermind want you to be better. Often we need others to believe in us before we can believe in ourselves. As adults and professionals, we're not looking for others to "hold us accountable". We are professionals and high performers who hold ourselves to a high standard. Still, we appreciate the support, challenges, and encouragement of peers and mentors in the Wardroom Mastermind.  



In the naval service, the wardroom is a physical space where the commissioned officers gather away from the troops they serve to share meals, relax, and openly discuss ideas. The term Wardroom is also commonly used to describe the men and women who have the right to be present there. In a large ship, this group could include a diverse group of many ages, from varied backgrounds, and experts in everything from aviation to medicine to nuclear power.  


This is the inspiration for the Wardroom Mastermind. We are high performing leaders in our businesses, communities, and families. We are driven and motivated, yet we are self-aware enough to know that we are not omnipotent or infallible. We need the support, encouragement, and perspective from our peers. We also realize that the more we give, the more we get. In teaching, we learn.


The Wardroom Mastermind meets weekly on video calls in a dedicated group of 10. Throughout the week we connect on a private Facebook Page and individually offline. Twice a year we have an epic meetup, always in a new city. These events include member presentations, group activities, bucket list events, and a banquet with a legendary speaker.


Membership in the Wardroom Mastermind is by invitation only. 


All new members must be sponsored by an existing member of the Wardroom and voted in by the existing members. 



The Wardroom Mastermind is  NOT for everyone.


This doesn't mean you are are not great, it means that we are a bad fit for you.

It's for you....


  • You are already a high performer looking to grow your business and life further and faster.

  • Value the power in the cross-pollination of ideas to bear fruit in your business and life.

  • Focused on Long-Term Relationships

  • Have an established business ready to launch to the next level.


  • Are open to and seeking of honest encouragement & blunt feedback.

It's not for you...


  • You don't want to be honest & open.


  • You're not tolerant of other's views.


  • Only focused on what you can GET instead of what you can provide.


  • You're just looking to quickly leverage others resources & relationships.


  • You only want to associate with people of the same sex, religion, & worldview.


  • Not fully committed to the group for at least 12 months.

To paraphrase Derek Sivers, membership in a Mastermind is either a

"Hell YES or it's a NO"



Joining a Mastermind is much like joining a gym.  Just signing up or saying you are a member gets you nothing. Your results will be determined largely by your efforts showing up and putting in the work. The more you put into the relationships, the more you will get out. 


This group is not for observers or takers.

The Wardroom is for those business owners serious about realizing real results in business and life.


  • Weekly 1 hour video call with a group of 10 Wardroom Members

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group to Interact Daily

  • Special Interviews with Thought Leaders

EPIC Wardroom Meetup Twice a Year

  • Always in a new city

  • Includes a bucket list activity

  • An unbelievable banquet (aka Dining In)

  • Time to mastermind & network

  • Discussion & activities led by members of the Wardroom

  • All you pay for is travel and lodging



Who leads the groups?


In a true mastermind, everyone is a leader. It is not driven by one personality. Every member shares equal standing. True masterminds have facilitators. Tom Schwab (LinkedIn) facilitates the Wardroom Mastermind.

To quote Monty Python Life of Brian,


"You don't NEED to follow ME, You don't NEED to follow ANYBODY! You've got to think for yourselves. You're all individuals."

How can I be a part of the Wardroom? 


Fully review the details on this page. If after that you think you would be an ideal member, then click the "Apply Now" and fully complete the application. It will be reviewed within 24 hours.  If invited to join the Wardroom you will get an email with a payment link. Initial payment for the first months due must be made to secure your spot. 

When are the weekly calls?


The one-hour zoom calls will be held Tuesday at 11:00 AM, (Eastern)

When is the next 

EPIC Wardroom Meetup?


The next  EPIC Live Meetup will be October 18-20th 2019. Exciting new city to be announced.